This one-pan dish is the ultimate side dish – Trader Joe’s Seasoning Roasted Potatoes with Vegetables and Bacon.

saladmenu roasted potatoes with bacon and veggies

I love this recipe of roasted little potatoes with vegetables and bacon. Try to find the seasoning at Trader Joe’s, but If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s around where you live, you can use any vegetable seasoning mix. This is diffidently a recipe worth trying, and keeping nearby. I love that it’s all in one dish, you can throw everything together and let the oven do the rest. It’s summer so look out for the tissue-paper-thin-skinned potatoes. Yes, the ones that are now in season, go get them! Did you know potatoes are the best energy providing vegetable? They also are high in fiber but low in sodium. The bell pepper will boost your immune system and broccoli will curb overeating and promote healthy bones. Whats not to love about this delicious salad? Now excuse me, I’m off the kitchen to make some more…


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